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Bruce Lipton

Gregg Braden

October 15-16 2022
Live in Basel!


October 15-16 2022

If the evidence no longer supports the story,
it is time for a new story.

From chaos to coherence helps you:

to access deep states of intuition and emotional and physical healing

to discover the mystery and significance of hidden but powerful states of the superconscious mind

to apply these discoveries in relationships, life-changing decisions, and for core healing from the inside out

From Chaos to Coherence, a two-day event from October 15-16, 2022 that will take you on a journey from science to spirituality. By attending, you will gain the awareness to move from being a victim to being the creator of your own thoughts and beliefs, allowing you to approach your daily life with a completely new perspective. You will learn to perceive the energy that connects every organism to bring about change in your life while helping humanity evolve to a new level of understanding and peace.


“There is an energy field that unites everything in the universe, that links every organism and that can harmonise us into a single vibration that starts in our heart.”

The program is filled with exciting presentations by Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. Bruce Lipton, pioneer in the field of epigenetics and internationally recognized leader in connecting science and the mind, will be there in person.

Five-time New York Times Award-winning author, researcher, educator and lecturer, Gregg Braden, will enrich you with his contribution in person or online.

In addition, two very special guest speakers, Manuel Burzler & Timo Janisch, will introduce you to the epigenetic approach of holistic self-healing on Sunday morning and how you can use this knowledge to draw strength and healing potential. Because everything in our organism, whether body, mind or soul is interdependent. Only when we recognize this complexity, we can enable healing on all levels. Let Manuel Burzler and Timo Janisch take you on a journey to holistic health and inner peace.

The tickets for
the seminar weekend

The bridge between the brain and the heart

Discover the evidence that is disrupting mainstream thinking when it comes to our origins, epigenetics and the role of evolution in our lives. Be a witness to the discoveries that catapult us beyond conventional thinking when it comes to our extraordinary potential and how you can implement it in your life!

Bruce Lipton

is a pioneer in the field of new biology and is internationally recognized for its achievements in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Trained as a cell biologist, he served on the faculty of Wiscon Medical School and later attracted attention for his groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He is a recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Prize, the author of various books, and his work “The Biology of Belief” has landed on bestseller lists worldwide.

Gregg Braden

Best-selling author and spiritual teacher, lives in New Mexico, USA. His research trips to remote monasteries and temples from ancient times, as well as his professional background as a geoscientist and aerospace engineer, enable him to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. His books have been translated into over 17 languages. Gregg Braden will participate in the event in person or online.

Manuel Burzler

Dr. Manuel Burzler is a doctor of functional medicine and epigenetics. In a practice in Munich, he and his colleagues search specifically for the causes of complex diseases and their symptoms. In accordance with the approaches of functional medicine, the areas of detoxification, individual lifestyle and personal stress management are considered and analyzed in addition to nutrition. Manuel Burzler is the founder of Healversity, a platform that combines knowledge from personality work with functional medicine and epigenetics and makes it tangible in applicable concepts.

Timo Janisch

Timo Janisch began to dedicate himself to his own personal development at the age of 17. Through dream work, emotion work, coaching, and meditation, he integrated painful childhood experiences and cross-generational trauma, dissolved destructive beliefs, and established new emotional patterns. In the process, he experienced that the spirit and soul manifest in the body. He could observe that not only his emotional world changed positively, but also the immune system worked better, more vitality and health entered life. Now he passes this experience on to people and accompanies them on the path of holistic healing of mind, body and soul. With the Epigenetics – Coach training of HealVersity he pursues the vision to carry the holistic self-healing into society.

Our location:

Kultur- und Sportzentrum (Kuspo), Basel

Loogstrasse 2
4142 Münchenstein